Thanks to the experiences grown during these years and to the know out of the grandfather Giuseppe, the Studio Tecnico Averame can consider itself as highly specialized in “designing” both new building and transformations or refurbishment of ships and yachts.
The service that the Studio offers covers the activity of designing at 360°, indeed it includes:

1. Drafting of General Plans to be able to offer the customer a first draft on which changes are made in order to meet technical commercial exigencies of the ship Owner.
2. Drafting the Technical Specification of construction.
3. Developing the Lines Plan through the modelling of the hull across the aid of a specific software for the creation of hull shapes in 3 dimensions.
4. Developing General Plans, the Capacity Plan, of the Midship Section and of the Shell Expansion to be able to start negotation with the various Shipyards.
5. Developing the full project in every details (structure, system, engine room, accommodation, propulsion, etc.).
6. Managing the approval by Class Society and the Maritime Authorities of the project and any changes if required.