The technical management of ships or yacht has been the main activity for the Studio since the early 70’s till now. Thanks to the professionalism and experience of the whole office during these years tens of ships have been managed with great satisfaction of the ship Owners and Authorities.
This activity is proposed in a complete or partial way depending on the needs of the Customer for each type of ship or yacht comprising the following services:

1. Technical Management
a. Planning and management of maintenance work, repairs and drydock.
b. Technical evaluation of ship requisition for spare parts, stores, provisions and technical services on
c. Control of reports and documents received from the ships and evaluation of vessels or of machinery performance.
d. Control of classification of vessels and contacts with the Class Society.
e. Preparation and assistance during the execution of class, statutory and other compulsory survey.

2. Crewing Management
a. Crew selection and supply for vessels with medical requisites, professional certifications in accordance with national and international standards as required by STCW.
b. Instructions to the crew on board for all kind of problems.

3. Purchasing management
a. Research and selection of suppliers on the basis of the demands of the technical office.
b. Placement of the relative order.
c. Review and approval of invoices.
d. Checking the good reception of the material on board.

4. Safety management
a. Acquisition of the Document of Compliance (DOC) according to the ISM rules.
b. Appointment of the DPA.
c. Establishment of the emergency group ashore.
d. assistance during SOLAS and other mandatory survey.
e. Implementation of SMS on board and in offices.
f. Internal audit.
g. Vessel safety inspection.
h. Planning and implementation of the contingency plans ashore and on board.
i. Planning and implementation of the familiarization plans and evaluation of the shore based staff relating to SMS.
j. Check that the crew on board has the courses and the skills which are required.

5. Administrative management
a. Drafting of the economic ratio.
b. Accounting management.
c. Finances management.
d. Payments management.
6. Operative and Commercial management
a. Instructions on voyage to the ship.
b. Contacts and tasks for agencies.
c. Port disbursement control.
d. Fuel and water supply for ships.
e. Claim cargo.
f. Chartering.
g. Insurance cover ship.

6. Operation and commercial management
a. Vessel voyage instructions.
b. Agency appointment
c. Check of port disbursement.
d. Fuel and water supply.
e. Cargo claim.
f. Chartering.
g. Vessel insurance cover.