The Studio Tecnico Averame can offer any kind of technical consultancy, either in supporting Owners or Agencies, Law Firms, Insurance Companies, Banks and Financial Institutions on every type of maritime problem.
The services offered are:
Technical guidance in arbitration, and court process.
Technical guidance part of (CTP) or technical guidance of office (CTU) in case of contingence in arbitration or in civil case.
Hull and Machinery U’writer and P&I survey
Evaluation of direct and indirect damages endured by the ship or the yacht and individuation of the causes of the casualty.
Gathering of all the documents needed and evaluation of the claim reported by the ship owner.
Technical assistance in salvage operations for ships.
Support ship owners in case of grounding, ship drifting, collision, etc. from a handling point of view as well as an engineering point of view.

Technical assistance and supervision during the construction of new ships and new yachts and all kind of transformation and refurbishment.
1. Research of the possible shipyards able to carry out the construction; visit and evaluation of the aforementioned; final decision on which shipyard to award the work.
2. Technical and economic negotiations with the shipyard selected and drafting of the final contract.
3.  Preparation of the project and of its technical specification
4. Assignment of the Project Manager and the supervisory team as necessary throughout the work period.
5. Research and selection of suppliers.
6. Placement of the relevant order.
7. Review and approval of invoices.
8. Final acceptance of the work.

Technical and commercial evaluation of new and second-hand vessels and yachts for financing purpose.
Investigation and assessment of the condition of the ship or yacht and evaluation of its market value on the basis of its technical characteristics and commercial, and to its condition of maintenance.
In order to give a proper evaluation,  various controls are carried out such as visual, functional tests, sea trials or even with the help of instrumentation such as thickness gauge with ultrasonic, moisture detector, etc.

Support and management of each kind of casualty on behalf of the Owner ship or the management company.

Condition Survey or Pre-purchase survey.
The studio Tecnico Averame has the necessary experience to provide an objective evaluation and accurate on the condition of the vessels of various type and sizes, it’s able to provide advices on immediate work  and futures that must be done in order to maintain the vessel in good condition. Moreover, an analysis can be carried out to verify the cost for the repair.

ON/OFF Hire Survey.
The Studio Tecnico Averame performs inspections to confirm the condition of the vessel before or after its hire, by detailing the structures, the engine room, the accommodation, the equipment, the cleaning of the cargo space conditions, the amount of bunkers on board, etc.

Survey of class, flag or other.
The Studio Tecnico Averame offers its expertise to support the Owners or management companies in the preparation and conduction of each type of visit.